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I’m a smiley, creative, and organized New York City-based video producer with a range of experience from developing pitches, to pre-production, field production, and bringing a story to life in post-production. I particularly enjoy historical and cultural topics where I can spend hours immersing myself in archival footage with an eye toward the details that tell a story in a compelling, accurate, and informative way. 

I'm currently a documentary producer at CNN working on various projects. Prior to CNN, my production experience spans from producing a three-part docu-series for ABC News on Emmett Till's murder, being the head archival producer for a six-part docu-series on the year 1969, to developing, producing, writing, and editing for a crime talk show series with A&E hosts Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams. I’ve also worked in pre-production and post-production on various news magazine programs with topics ranging from the British Royals to Michael Jackson, Toni Braxton, and everyday heroes and survivors. 


I've also been the director of post-production at the fitness startup app, NEOU, where I managed a team of editors and the post-production workflow of over 25 hours of content per week. I also created the company’s social media strategy and was responsible for filming and editing the content for all social platforms. 


When I’m not working, you can find me going on long runs on the East River, hiking up in the Catskills, or traveling at any opportunity to learn and experience other cultures. My love for my own Ukrainian culture keeps me active in various Ukrainian institutions-- including volunteering at a scouting organization mentoring youth and being a public relations representative at New York’s Ukrainian National Women's League of America chapter.

Full Resume Available Here


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